A baker on a mission to make great handmade bread in Colombo working with natural sourdough.
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Country White Sourdough Loaf - 550g

Our Country White Sourdough is all about getting the textures just right. The crust crackles in your hands while fresh, the crumb inside soft, with lots of air like honeycomb. It makes the crispiest, lightest toast that wants to crunch and shatter with every bite. It’s proof that sourdough doesn’t have to be dense.

Vegan, No Added Sugar, No Additives.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Water, Salt, Natural Sourdough Culture

360 Calories per Quarter Loaf.

Pairs well with: We’ve eaten whole loaves just with a bowl of Extra virgin olive oil. It’s a lightly flavoured loaf that doesn’t compete with other delicate pairings, so it’s great with soups, stews, cheeses; pretty much anything where you want it to be a good wingman. I make cheese and seeni sambol toasted sandwhiches on a pan with this loaf. Because sometimes you just have to.

Storage: Keep in the paper bag, in a sealed box or ziplock bag for 1-2 days depending on how warm your environment is. Toast after a day gently to activate the flavour. Do not refrigerate or microwave. Slice, ziplock and freeze to store longer. Toast after defrosting.

Rs. 400/- *Includes Delivery Cost within Colombo 2-7

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