A baker on a mission to make great handmade bread in Colombo working with natural sourdough.

Availability & Buying

How do I buy your bread?

Sign up at www.bread.lk to receive our weekly list of bakes and breads to order from. You can also place your order at www.bread.lk/placing-orders . We deliver within Colombo 2-7.

Where can I buy your bread?

Place your order here.

You can have it delivered to you within Colombo 2-7. Or you can choose to collect your order on the day from our Collection Points :

Option 1 - Park Street Gourmet (from 4PM - 9PM)

33b Park Street Colombo 02

Tel +94 11 4333 505

Option 2 - Dolce Italia (from 5.30PM - 10.30PM)

5 Skelton Rd, Colombo 05

Tel +94 11 2559 900

Option 3 - The Good Market Shop - Colombo (from 5.30PM - 7.30PM)

14 Reid Avenue, Colombo 05

Tel +94 77 276 4455

When is your bread available?

We bake and deliver three times a week:

    Wednesday 6PM - 8PM

    Friday 6PM - 8PM

    Saturday 3PM - 6PM


How much does your bread cost?

Our prices are available on our order page: www.bread.lk/placing-orders

I don’t live in Colombo 2-7. How do I get your bread?

We are sorry as we have only limited distribution at the moment. We could deliver the loaf to a friend or your office in Colombo if they have a way to get it to you. Or you can select the option to pick up at one of our Collection Points above.

How do I pay?

Please pay the delivery person in Cash. If you are picking up from one of our Collection Points, you may pay by Cash or Card.

Where is your bakery located?

Our bakery is Battaramulla-Koswatte. We do not have a storefront or bread to purchase there. It all gets delivered to your home or to your chosen Collection Point.


Storing & Eating

How long does my bread stay fresh?

Our Sourdough will last 2-4 days outside a freezer if properly stored in the brown paper bag, in another plastic bag or sealed box in a cool room. The warmer your environment the faster it loses moisture and the faster it stales. Our Brioche is the same, but says good for 2 days because it’s not made with sourdough culture, which naturally keeps bread fresh longer.

How do I store my bread?

Our bread has no chemicals or additives to artificially make it last.

Whatever you will eat in a 2 days: keep it in the paper bag inside another plastic bag, in a cool room. (Not a Fridge)

Storing longer than 2 days: Slice, place in a sealable bag and freeze. Bread freezes well for months. Toast before eating.

Do NOT refrigerate or Microwave the bread. Both dry and harden the bread.

What does this bread go well with?

Almost anything! But seriously, start by toasting any of the sourdough and have it with a smear of salted butter, (I’m a big fan of Pelwatte’s Salted Butter) or some cream cheese, or a few drops of Olive oil. Here are some more my favourites:

Country White Sourdough: Hummus and salads; Olive oil; butter and marmite (I’ll admit that Marmite is love it or hate it food); aged cheeses like cheddars; toasted with creamy scrambled eggs topped with pol sambol and bacon; or just tempered dhal and a nice curry. Aged hams and salamis.

Wholegrain Sourdough: Olive Oil; salted butter; creamy cheeses; tuna & mayonnaise; creamy eggs, either scrambled, poached, omeletes; aged hams, or go sweet! Peanut butter, bananas and kithul treacle.

Brioche: First, by itself. Then, try it with a little clotted cream and some fruit compote; or some marmalade; or if you want to be truly naughty: some Nutella. After two days, it makes heavenly French Toast.

Follow us on Instagram at www.instagram.com/bread.lk to get more ideas on what to try.

Why can’t I refrigerate my bread?

Please don’t refrigerate our bread. It goes dry, hard and stale in hours. If you need to keep it longer than 2 days: slice, put it in a sealable bag and freeze. When you want some, take it out of the freezer, give it 5 minutes to warm up and toast it. It actually the very next best thing to eating it fresh from the oven.

Should I toast my bread?

Especially if your loaf is a day old, a gentle toast will activate all that flavor and aroma.  Toasted Sourdough has a lovely chewy texture. Add a smear of butter or olive oil and enjoy! I don’t toast it dark, but you’ll find what works for you.


About our Breads

What breads do you make?

We make a number of Sourdough Breads and Brioche. We are always trying out new breads and will have weekly specials. Order your loaves at: www.bread.lk/placing-orders to see what is available for the current week.

How Healthy is Sourdough?

Unless stated clearly in the contents (Like honey in a fruit loaf) none of our bread has added sugar. The long fermentation process unlocks more Vitamin B, and makes the bread potentially more suitable for people who find commercially bread bloating, or harder to digest.

We also DO NOT USE ANY chemical additives commonly found in all your commercial and supermarket bread: Shelf Life Extenders, Bread Emulsifiers, Bread Improvers, Dough Conditioners, Release Agents for Bread; We use NONE of this crap.

Do you have any Gluten- Free breads?

Right now, all our bread has wheat flour and gluten. We are hoping to introduce a Gluten-Free loaf once we have mastered it.

Given our bread has little in the way of chemicals, and the flours have had long period for the natural enzyme and fermentation activity to render the bread more digestible; some of our customers who find commercial bread impossible to eat due to digestive irritation find our bread much easier on the gut.

Can I have a list of your ingredients in your breads?

All ingredients are available on our order page www.bread.lk/placing-orders/

Where is your flour from?

We source our flour locally. We specifically work with high protein flour made from North American, French and Australian wheat.  The flour we use is free of bleaching Bromides.

Does Sourdough have a low Glycemic Index (GI)? Is it suitable for people with Diabetes?

There is a lot of misinformation on this subject. The research on this is varied but the consensus is that Sourdough Bread doesn’t have a significantly lower GI than regular commercial bread.

We do not have added sugar unless explicitly stated otherwise. We encourage you to try the bread in smaller quantities and establish what best suits you.

What’s up with all this brown paper?

We try our very best to avoid the use of single use plastics, whether it is in the kitchen or in our packaging. Our brown paper bags are recycled Tea leaf bags.

In Sri Lanka our inaction and collective irresponsibility regarding the garbage crisis has claimed lives. Our existence is a constant collection and disposal of single use plastics. We would like to not add to this problem.

Do you make Bagels, Croissants or Burger Buns?

Not yet, I’m afraid. We will let you know when they become available.



Is there a delivery charge?

No, there is no delivery charge, not even if you order a single loaf. Our delivery is limited within Colombo 2-7 at the moment.

Do you really deliver a single loaf? Really? With no delivery charge?

Yes. Yes. And Yes. We will happily deliver you a single loaf of bread with NO delivery charge within Colombo 2-7.


My Order

I placed an order, has it been confirmed?

If your order was successful you should see the confirmation page after filling your form with additional notes on how to store your sourdough. If there is any reason we can’t meet your order, we will call you to re-arrange an alternative within a day. The evening before delivery we will message you a confirmation with details and totals.

I need help with my order

Please email breadlkbaker@gmail.com and we will get back to you.

I need help with my delivery

Please contact our delivery partner SmileX 0773791689 for any questions.

How do I complain/ give feedback?

Please email us on breadlkbaker@gmail.com if there is anything you need to tell us. Your feedback is how we become better. Please let us know.