A baker on a mission to make great handmade bread in Colombo working with natural sourdough.

Raisin Cinnamon & Kithul Treacle Sourdough Loaf - 500g

You have a serious choice to make. Do you have this loaf fresh, or toasted with the best salted butter you have?

Because one argument is that this is a very healthy loaf. Its got wholegrain flour and no butter, sugar or eggs. It’s sweetened with a tablespoon and a half of Kithul Treacle and lots of Raisin. Almost a quarter of this loaf by weight in fact. I came up with it as a perfect accompaniment for your tea and an alternative to our rich, buttery decadent Brioche.

The other argument goes like this: Toast a slice; gently, of course. Spread good salted butter while it’s hot. Let it seep in and meet the cinnamon, the caramelised raisins and Kithul in the crust. Take a deep breath. Submit.

Vegetarian (Milk), No Added Processed Sugar, No Additives.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Water, Raisins, Milk, Natural Sourdough Culture, Kithul Treacle, Salt, Cinnamon. Loaf tins are sprayed with vegetable oil.

385 Calories per Quarter Loaf.

Storage: Keep in the paper bag, in a sealed box or ziplock bag for 2-3 days depending on how warm your environment is. Toast after a day or two gently to activate the flavour. Do not refrigerate or microwave. Slice, ziplock and freeze to store longer. Toast after defrosting.

Rs. 750/- *Includes Delivery Cost within Colombo 2-7.

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