A baker on a mission to make great handmade bread in Colombo working with natural sourdough.

Setting up your weekly BREAD.lk delivery


Tired of placing orders every week?

Worried you might forget to place your order with us? Or you might not have cash on hand when the delivery comes through? We’ve got you covered. Fill the form, pay once at the start of a month and have the bread delivered just the way you like it every week.

How does it work?

1. Fill the form at the bottom of this page which tells us what you want, and which day of the week you want it on.

2. We’ll contact you soon; letting you know the total calculated bill till the end of the calendar month and the account details to make the payment.

3. Make the payment, and add your name so we know which one’s yours. Please message us when you have done this.

4. Your bread will be delivered as requested or collect it from your usual collection point.

What if I need to skip a few weeks? I might have to travel out of Colombo.

Let us know at least 3 days before. We’ll hold your deliveries till you are back. Whatever credit you’ve not used up by the end of the month will be deducted from the next monthly cycle’s bill.

What if i want to add a few extra loaves to our order? I mean those Brioche Specials look good, you know?

Place an order for those the usual way. Just add a comment to let us know you have a standing order with us so we know to combine the orders. You’ll pay only for these extra loaves.

What happens at the end of the Month?

We’ll send you a reminder with the next month’s total so you can renew the standing order if you want to.